Hydrogen on Demand Professionals and BoostBox H2 Celebrate First Anniversary of Value-Added Integration and Strategic Distribution Partnership for 
Hydrogen-Enhanced Diesel Combustion Technologies

San Jose, Calif. — December 28, 2017 – Hydrogen on Demand Professionals (HoD Pros) and BoostBox H2 www.boostboxh2.com  commemorated the first anniversary of the two companies’ value-added integration and strategic distribution partnership for hydrogen-enhanced diesel combustion technologies earlier this month. The two organizations have worked across the past year to target and engage diesel-powered trucking and marine fleets throughout the United States, Mexico, Central and South America. HoD Pros’ extensive sales force has identified a number of key industry segments and client opportunities during this initial year — engaging in client trials and contracts for HoD Pros’ revolutionary Diesel-Hydrogen Assist Technologies™ (D-HAT™) – based on BoostBox H2’s industry-leading technologies.

“HoD Pros views our partnership with BoostBox H2 as a powerful means for elevating the recognition of Hydrogen-Enhanced Diesel Combustion as the pre-eminent solution to the multiple operational and cost challenges faced by today’s diesel-dominated, global transportation industries to further penetrate these markets and drive our two companies’ growth, said HoD Pros CEO and Managing Director Gary J. Johnson.

“Together with HoD Pros, we have raised interest in key business segments relying on diesel-powered transportation and power generation,” said BoostBox H2 CEO David L. Rechberger. “The operational and cost challenges faced by these businesses in highly competitive markets, along with the ever mounting costs and regulations, as well as the thin operating profit margins with which they work, have driven increased interest in our pure hydrogen infusion technologies. Our affiliation with HoD Pros, including our exclusive distribution partnership for marine diesel engagements, as well as other diesel-operated businesses, has created an upsurge in business interest in our groundbreaking solutions.”

“More than 90 percent of the goods transported from one market to another, globally, are done via some form of diesel-powered transportation, whether by ship or ground,” explains HoD Pros’ Johnson.  “In addition, these transportation companies are under constant competitive pressure to do more for less, and to do so with the least impact, environmentally.  To say that these organizations face daunting tasks in accomplishing their core business objectives would be a dramatic understatement. Our pure hydrogen-enhanced diesel combustion systems enable diesel engines, using a variety of different diesel fuels, to perform more efficiently and more powerfully, driving down costs and increasing profitability, without having to make dramatic changes to their operations.

Johnson continued, “In partnership with BoostBox H2, our HoD Pros’ team has aggressively developed inroads into key target markets and clients for this revolutionary hydrogen-diesel transformation technology. Our two companies are poised for a breakout year in sales, customer engagements and multiple market penetrations.”

AboutBoostBoxH2 Manufactured exclusively in the USA by BoostBox H2, an energy technology company based in Boulder, CO, the patented technology is a fuel cell-based hydrogen on demand solution for the multiple diesel-based industries focused on increasing fuel efficiency, improving emissions, lowering maintenance costs and extending engine life.  The BoostBox H2 system’s rugged design has been tested to the same real-world and strict standards required of truck manufacturers around the world (Freightliner, Cummins, Mercedes, etc.) with millions of miles of on road use as well as by some of the most capable testing partners including the University of West Virginia and Element Materials Technology (formally Cascade Tek). For more information visit www.boostboxh2.com or contact Shep Doniger at 561-637-5750 and sdoniger@bdcginc.com. 

About HoD Pros and Hydrogen-Enhanced Diesel Combustion Hydrogen on Demand Professionals (HoD Pros) www.hodpros.com is an innovative value-added supplier of Diesel Hydrogen-Enhanced Combustion – a disruptive next step in clean energy transformation for diesel-powered industries worldwide. HoD Pros’ Diesel Hydrogen Assist Technologies – D-HAT™ systems produce pure hydrogen through patented processes that separate distilled water into pure hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is then infused, on demand, into the air intake system on any running diesel engine – resulting in fast, ultra-efficient diesel fuel combustion – with advantages including significantly improved mileage, major reductions in emissions, and improved engine and exhaust system efficiency. HoD Pros markets, sells, deploys and supports patented, best-of-breed D-HAT™ Systems to trucking, transportation, marine and other diesel-powered heavy equipment fleets. For more information, visit http://www.hodpros.com.

Diesel Hydrogen-Assist Technologies, D-HAT and HoD Pros are trademarks of HoD Pros LLC.

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