“My oil temperature is running on overage about 50 degrees cooler. My pyrometer is running 100- 150 degrees cooler on hard pulls. I pull oil samples regularly and the oil has been cleaner,”

Mike Reidhead

B&B Express

“My truck pulls a lot better. I really like the torque.”

S&T Farmlines

“I have been running the BoostBox H2 system on our vehicle for almost a year and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We’re reducing our fuel and overall operating costs and getting more out of our vehicle. Fuel is my #1 cost on the 80k+ miles we drive every year and controlling our costs are critical. Plus I can feel it in my foot – I have to back the pedal off because of the increased drivability. The performance is amazing, especially pulling hills and mountain passes.”

Jeffery Ashby

“There’s a power difference, no question. I’m able to go 300 more miles before regens.”

B&M Services

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